Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Viral Film Of The Day

Who wants another glass of pink champagne, man?

I had never heard the term "Yacht Rock" before I saw these short films, but the second I did, I got it. Of course, YACHT ROCK. Duh. It was right there in front of our ears...already named but yet un-named, ya dig?

Never mind.

If you ever sang along to Christopher Cross' "Sailing" or bobbed your head to the Doobie's "What a Fool Believes", you need to see the funniest short films I've seen online, or anywhere, in a long time.

Low budge, terrible costumes, bad acting, and so fucking clever you just might quit your job and set sail for, like, smoother waters and, like, a change in latitudes.

And if you don't like Yacht Rock? Well, that's what a fool believes, man. That's what a fool believes.


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