Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Nostalgia Of The Day

Careful, Philippe...that's a web spun by a very rare Prop Spider.

When I was 9, Halloween was on a Sunday, which was pretty cool because you basically had all day to celebrate (on top of a Friday school parade and party).

And even though most parents bended the school night rules regardless of what day Halloween fell on, they pretty much threw them out altogether on Sunday.

Which meant that when I got back from trick or treating that year, most of the parents in my neighborhood were still kicking it outside, drinking wine, and making the most of our yearly block party.

My Old Man, not ready to call it a night, suggested that we go inside and find a scary movie to watch.

The next thing I knew we were sitting on the couch, him with a Bud (those old torpedo shaped bottles), me with one of my Mom's TABs (disgusting, but hey, I took what I could get in those soda-free days), and my bag of candy in between us, watching Vincent Price in the 1958 B&W original, The Fly.

It was campy, a bit creepy, not really scary, and the perfect movie to watch with your Old Man on Halloween night.

Every year I think back to that night and I smile.


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