Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Image Of The Day

"Write It, Ride It" Harley Giveaway, Yahoo! Headquarters, Sunnyvale, 2004

Juxtaposition is a word that art critics like to throw around. It basically means "things that are close together", although it's usually used in the context of opposites or things that are seemingly contradictory.

"Ah yes, the artist here is using the juxtaposition of light and dark to show the dual sides of human nature...further illustrated here by these two naked women holding an apple."

Anyhow, I love this picture because it's me (in flip-flops) flanked by three of the richest men on the planet. David Filo and Jerry Yang on the left (Jerry is the...never mind), Terry Semel on the right, and a pikey worker bee in the middle. It's a great juxtaposition of the powerful (Terry flies home to Bel Air every week in his private jet) and the not-so-powerful (the Colonel has a 3 year old Elektra cruiser bike with rusted surf racks).

It gets even funnier when you realize what's going on - they're presenting me with the cheapest Harley Davidson motorcycle that Harley makes, adorned with a homemade Yahoo! sticker. It had been sitting in the lobby for 3 months, whipping the entire hive into a frenzy and encouraging them to write an essay on why Yahoo! is so freakin' awesome. The cleverest worker bee would be presented the keys during a special assembly in front of the entire company.

So here's the clever Colonel, getting those coveted keys to that coveted black Harley, as 3 billionaires smile in their faded jeans, utterly thrilled that six thousand measley bucks worth of American made steel, chrome and leather, has just exhilarated 3,000 employees and reinforced a corporate loyalty steeped in gold stars and purple t-shirts.

For the record, I was laid off six monts later along with my entire department.



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