Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vinyl Of The Day

This is Bad Religion's very first record, a 6 song self-titled EP from 1981.

Self-produced, self-recorded, and self-distributed, this is not just the Holy Grail of Bad Religion vinyl, it's also the very first release from Epitaph Records (courtesy of a loan from Brett Gurewitz's father), making it a hugely important slice of vinyl across all of Punk-dom.

I found it at some record store and paid, I think, around 10 bucks for it. Even at the time (mid-90's) that was quite a deal for a bit of punk history that I've never seen before or since.

But it gets better.

The label is actually a misprint. Well, not really a misprint really, it's actually the wrong label altogether...on both sides. It's for some band called Suffer!, which is a fantastic coincidence since Bad Religion's best album, released 7 years later, was called "Suffer". The fine print is actually in German, which leads me to believe that either Suffer! was some German punk band who had a record being pressed in the same factory, or that this is actually a German bootleg which got mixed up with another printing.

Either way, it's a great little DIY fuck-up.

Add in clear red vinyl and the fact that it still plays beautifully, and this is by far the coolest record in my collection. I don't have a clue how much it might be worth since I've never seen another one, much less one with a misprinted label.

Greg Graffin and the boys have come a long way. And since I'm feeling nostalgic, here's an interview I did with BR bassist and founding member, Jay Bentley, just a few weeks before I graduated from SDSU.


Blogger pushingtide said...

Niiiiiice piece of history. Cool you saw it first hand.

Early man walked away as modern man took control
Their minds weren't quite the same
To conquer was his goal
So he built his great empire
And he slaughtered his own kind
Then he died a confused man
Killed himself with his own mind

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